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Radical Self Care with Jessica Taft Langdon

Radical self care is about community as much as it is about self. We asked our NOTO community what radical self care means to them. To no surprise, we’re always learning about ourselves and the collective whole from your answers.

Meet @jessicataftlangdon, product developer, design consultant and overall lovely human + member of the NOTO community.

What does radical self care mean to you? 

To me, radical self care is a worthwhile, but difficult pursuit, as it’s the kind of care that isn’t indulgent or surface level. It’s the deep dive work that takes time to settle into, and can be really challenging, scary and really really worthwhile. Sometimes life forces us into a position of needing emergency radical self care, which can be terrifying, but also the only choice. For me, the tricky part of the concept is to try to find time for radical self care before there’s a crisis. Preventative care is so necessary, but so hard to allow ourselves to settle into. Being radical in small doses requires a ton of discipline.

How do you identify and what makes you feel proud?

I’m a maker, tinkerer, a tryer, a talker, a sharer & a cryer. (A human.) I feel proud of my expertise, I feel proud that occasionally I can help someone see thing in a new way. I feel proud of my failures, because I’ve learned so much from them. There’s a huge sense of pride (and inspiration) that I have when I am lucky enough to spend time with other humans whose lives and experiences are significantly different from mine…. I feel pride when anyone really trusts me.

What does your NOTO routine look like?

The Wash, in the shower, head to toe! I love it because the smell is one of favorites of all time. I have such a strong sense memory of the first time I used & smelled it, and felt so GOOD. I use it almost everyday to get a little bit of the feeling of that first impression.
The Deep Serum is another favorite - I’ve started using it in so many more places than just on my face! It’s an indulgent, but excellent cuticle oil!
The Fluxus Multi Bene stick was a routine changer for me - using it as a smudgey eyeliner is my favorite, and it’s one of the first products in years that I can use daily near my eyes without irritation. I also use it as a subtle bronzer, layering it with Ono Ono & Touch.
And the new reusable eye masks are a dream! I am in them every morning now, while I make coffee.


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