U S  S H I P P I N G
Items ordered and paid for will ship after 5-7 business days and you will receive an email notification with tracking information once shipment is fulfilled, unless otherwise mentioned. After leaving our creative lab, USPS typically delivers in 5 business days.
I N T E R N A T I O N A L  S H I P P I N G
Customs charges fall under responsibility of buyer for any additional fees. Please note that International orders can take up to 4 weeks to arrive after shipment is fulfilled. 
If you have any problems with your order, contact us. Please keep in mind that the products you are buying are handcrafted and 100% natural so slight variations and separation of ingredients is natural. (Pun intended.) 
Damages: If you receive a damaged item, contact us immediately. We happily replace any damaged items reported within 48 hours of order delivery. 
R E F U N D S  +  E X C H A N G E S
Due to the nature of our botanics, we cannot accept returns. We offer replacements or store credit for certain circumstances.
If in doubt, get in touch. 

We strive for smiles and your satisfaction is our top priority. 
A L L E R G I E S + R E A C T I O N S
Please be sure to always know what ingredients you may be allergic to before using our products.  Always do a small patch skin test to see if you may have any reactions to our ingredients.  
Never use products in the eye area, internally, or on open wounds or irritated skin.

*NOTO Botanics is not responsible for any additional shipping costs for returns + exchanges, and we do not assume responsibility for reimbursement or compensation of returned packages lost in transit without proof of delivery.

Thank you, love you.