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Anissa Salazar Grooms Ke Huy Quan with NOTO for the Oscars

We had the pleasure of connecting with Anissa Salazar, talented hair stylist in the entertainment industry most recently working on set of Everything Everywhere All At Once. She gave a little behind the scenes look at her experience on Oscars day, grooming the award-winning Ke Huy Quan and what NOTO and Tecuane products she used.

Anissa Salazar grooming Ke Huy Quan for the Oscars

Tell us a little bit about your experience on Oscars Day

The day of Oscar’s began with grooming our fearless director Daniel Kwan, and his wife Kirsten. Then zipped over to Beverly Hills to begin Ke’s skin care. 

What was the grooming process like in prepping for the Oscars?
Beginning with a smooth shave all over the face and neck. Grooming any straggler hairs around brows, nose, etc. Cleaning the nape with my Andis beSPOKE trimmers. Then moving onto skin care + makeup. 

I started with a light spritz of NOTO Basil Yarrow mist to relax the face, followed by a thin layer of NOTO Deep Serum to entire face, lips, and neck. Then I applied a thick layer of NOTO Moisture Riser Cream all over the face and neck. Next using NOTO eye masks (chilled in a freezer to help with any puffiness). I then use frozen facial ice globes in circular motions around the eyes, cheek bones, jawline, temples, forehead, and brow bone. This helps contour the face, and helps with any swelling. 

NOTO and Tecuane products used for Ke Huy Quan Oscars grooming

Using a small brush and concealer for any redness or blemishes that need to be concealed. Brushing his brows in place with a small tooth brush and setting with a light spray of hair spray. Lip balm for hydration and plump lips. Bronzer around the cheek bones, side of nose, tip of nose, jawline, neck, and temples for a more defined look. Applying a thin layer of translucent powder to hold everything in place. And a final spritz of NOTO Basil Yarrow Mist and using a big powder brush to press the mist into the skin. I love using a spray after makeup and using a brush to press into the skin to give a super natural effect! My secret for a perfect “no makeup” skin finish. 

Then we did our haircare + styling! Prepping the scalp using @tecuane Esperanza Scalp Tonic. Provides instant hydration, acts as a primer, and is non greasy! Blow drying the hair 70% dry using the flat wrapping technique. Round brushing to over direct in the opposite direction to achieve height and volume. Finishing with a light weight and matte pomade!

How did you and Ke meet?
Ke and I met on the set of Everything Everywhere All At Once. I was the Hair Department Head and Hair Designer. My key Meghan Heaney maintained Ke’s looks during the film. After the film Ke and I stayed in touch. We reconnected during the beginning stages of press for EEAAO. 

It’s been such a beautiful journey from working with The Daniels (directors Kwan and Scheinert) on their first feature film SWISS ARMY MAN, to this journey with Ke. I’m so thankful to be apart of a film crew that values kindness, creativity, and passion. I’m so excited to see what the future brings, but for now I’m just living in the moment and appreciating the joy around me.



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