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SOCIAL STUDIES : Seulye Jo // Designer + Founder CLED

Earth Day, which should be every day, is a special time to honor our planet.  One way for us to give back was by collaborating with upcycled jewelry brand CLED.  We have joined forces to create a NOTO earring.  I chose to do one vs. two earrings to play on our ideals of gender fluidity and creative self-expression.  Important to note is the glass ball at the end of the sustainable silver chain is made of NOTO glass bottles.  Once you're done with your NOTO, you can now wear it!  To celebrate this, we are putting together a fun event during Earth Day Weekend at 5 of our retailers - ( LCD ( both locations ) , OTHERWILD, BURKE MERCANTILE, MIDLAND )  where you can drop off your clean empty glass cosmetics jars to help us upcycle them into jewelry - and receive a kickback discount for supporting the clean cause.
CLED - Earth-friendly, Circularity, Renewable, Hand Crafted, One of a Kind, and Cruelty free.  That is what they stand for.  Each piece is made by hand using completely recycled and sustainable materials. CLED  was inspired by using discarded resources and repurposing them into new objects - reducing our environmental impact without ever sacrificing quality or design.  Designer Seulye Jo is a warm kind person, who wants to share beauty and light into this world in a peaceful way that is good for us all.   We are so excited to partner with CLED for our first collaboration.  You can purchase our NOTO earring on our website starting on Earth Day until supplies last.

Who are you?
I am Seulye Jo, designer and founder of CLED. I find beauty in unexpected things and love being on this upcycling journey.

Why do you make your work?
I make upcycled jewelry because I believe trash can be made into a new and beautiful object. I am always thinking of what I can use next.

What do you believe in?
Love. Possibility. The universe will bring you what you want and help you if you have faith. 

Name one thing you say no to? 
Indifference. Ignorance is not a solution. 
And one thing you say yes to? 
My dog Qubaco 

What change would you like to see? 
More upcycled objects and art.

Name one thing that makes you happy?
Ice cream and sweets

How would you describe your personal routine?
I start with tea, a warm scarf, watering my plants and playing with my dog. Being productive.

What did you want to be as a child?
I’ve always wanted to be some sort of designer, anything that I can make with my own hands. And also an actor.

Can you remember one solid piece of advice you've gotten for the growth of your work?
Always be truthful, given from my dad who’s also an entrepreneur

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
Textile and pattern artists, sculptor, and with jewelry designers who want to use our CLED Eco Gem in their pieces.

Who is one person in our culture that you feel is making a positive and inspiring change?
Ecoalf founder Javier Goyeneche. He is a pioneer in using trash as a new resource to make innovative recycled materials in the fashion industry.


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