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SOCIAL STUDIES : Sara Elise // Harvest & Revel + Blind Seed + Pleasure Maker

How else better to open this than with a quote: " Working to empower both her clients and her community to elevate to their fullest selves- one nutritious meal and conversation at a time."  Brining food into your community with a thought of nurturing and inclusivity in its structure is something Sara Elise is an expert in.  Be it with her companies Harvest and Reel or Blind Seed, she brings food to all in many ways.  Outside of nutrition, Sara embodies so many different layers within her own personal wellness and interests.  Diving deep into personal ritual, relationship spectrums, BDSM, and overall self awareness, Sara strikes me as one of the most fascinating humans I have been able to discover from a far.  I first encountered Sara at an opening in LA, mingling within the same friend group.  I was instantly enamored by her presence without ever actually mustering up the courage to introduce myself to her.  Knowing I could find her via social media, I creeped on her instagram and slid into her DM's knowing I needed to get her on our site for an interview and learn much more about her.  Below Sara tells us about her passions and pleasures - and here at NOTO we look forward to growing our relationship with her. 

Who are you ?
For this lifetime at least— I am a queer, femme, multi-ethnic, polyamorous human that embodies many different selves. I spend much of my thoughtspace contemplating pleasure, pain, healing, destruction, and growth- and how inextricably those concepts are linked. To that end, I have deep interests in BDSM, ritualization, relationship dynamics, and personal development of awareness + wellness. When I'm not swimming through the waves of my mind and/or making bodily sacrifices to subdue the energies within, I can usually be found enjoying delicious food and wine with someone equally as delicious; boarding a plane to go somewhere warm; speaking on panels about entrepreneurship and manifestation; or coordinating events + creating spaces for people to heal through personal challenges, empower themselves to ask questions, and celebrate all the goodness in this life. 

Why do you make your work?
I make my work to create, I make my work because I'm inspired, I make my work to calm my brain, I make my work to change the way people interact with food, I make my work to challenge the way people interact with and think about accessing pleasure, I make my work to encourage celebration, I make my work to celebrate sensuality, I make my work to take advantage of the beauty and abundance that life offers me and to share it with others.

What do you believe in?
I believe in fluidity, in scheduling playtime, the power of sacral energy, abundance, leaning into pleasure, sharing, communication, holding space, ritual, power exchange, the power of sharing a meal, harnessing the erotic, quality time, romance, jouissance, feeling whole, that the only real thing is Love, change, my body as a canvas, that everyone is doing the best they can, that plants and animals and the earth are working in tandem with me to co-create my life, and that the sweet spot between attachment to the process and detachment from outcome is where all the magic happens.

Name one thing you say no to?  And one thing you say yes to?
I try my best to say "no" to plans that I'm not truly excited about. I feel like so often we're expected to give our time and energy to everything and everyone that wants it from us, but I'm working on only saying "yes" to people and plans that I can genuinely look forward to.
Name one thing that makes you happy?
I get IMMENSE pleasure in making, sharing, and enjoying food with people that I love. It has become such a sacred ritual in my life over the past decade and is now one of the major ways I show myself and others my care.

What did you want to be as a child?
As a young person, I wanted to be a high-powered business executive clacking around in my high-heels and pencil skirt on Wall Street. Though I did have a 5-year stint on Wall Street in Equity Research and Private Wealth Management— I soon realized that the lifestyle, people I was surrounded by, and mindlessness didn't match up with my activism, community focus, and wellness that I wanted in my life. 


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