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SOCIAL STUDIES : Puno - Digital Mastermind Entrepreneur / Founder

I first met Puno when she and I were part of an event that LCD was having.  We held a conversation, where she was the moderator and I was the moderatee - Instantly I was extremely impressed with her.  Her insane knowledge, down to earth friendliness, hilarious personality, and her unbelievable beauty that comes from within and drenches all over her on the outside, made me have an instant friend crush.  After this, we stayed in touch and developed what is one of my most favorite new friendships I've had in a long time.  She is extremely generous with her overflowing knowledge on business, tech, and overall amazing brainstorms, and the conversation never goes without a million laughs. Puno is a force that carries strong winds of successful entrepreneurial levels.  Having two of her own companies, ( I Love Creatives and People Map ) in addition to her show 1800-HEYPUNO, and her ongoing collaboration with her cat Muad'Dib.  There is never a dull moment in her life.  Puno shares with us some fun information on who she is and why she does what she does, enjoy !

Who are you? 
Hiiiieeee! I'm Puno (legally, Puno Lauren Puno). 
I tend to call myself a Digital Entrepreneur, but that's an easy way for me to umbrella all the things I do. 
These days, I'm the Founder of ilovecreatives.com, a platform for working creatives. That entails a bit of web design, video production, teaching, community building, and project managing. I'm also the Co-Founder of PeopleMap.co, an Instagram Marketing Tool, with my husband. He's definitely a bit more hands on with that, but I help with marketing and customer service.
I'm working on who I believe myself to be. I actually hired my old co-worker who's a killer Advertising Planner / Strategist to help me. We're thinking something that involves video, maybe teaching, and humor. There's a lot of ways you can cut those things. What do you think?

Why do you make your work?
I love making things. I get so fulfilled when I see other people use what I've made. I lose my 💩 when people say that I've helped them in some way. 

What do you believe in?
Side projects.

Name one thing you say yes to? 
And one thing you say no to?
YES — Cat Photoshoot (anytime, anywhere)
NO — Allergic reactions
What change would you like to see?
More affordable, credible, job-focused options for education.

Name one thing that makes you happy?
Daniel Chin Yee.

How would you describe your personal routine ?
Most of it involves my computer, a camera, and laughing.
(or are you asking about this...)
My ideal morning routine is wake-up at 7AM, play Squash or dance, eat a good breakfast with my man, put on my makeup flawlessly, and know exactly what I'm going to wear. And my ideal evening ritual is face mask, smoke a lil' puff, read/watch something or hi—dea it, go to sleep at 11PM.
What did you want to be as a child?
A cartoon. 

Can you remember one solid piece of advice you've gotten for the growth of your business / work ?
"You should embrace your personality for your business. Use it." — Pam

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
GUCCI + Muad'Dib please!!!

Who is one person in culture that you feel is making positive and inspiring change ?
VOX can make some concise, incredibly researched, impactful perspectives about the world. I also love Jeff Goldblum. He genuinely loves to be here.  


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