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SOCIAL STUDIES : Haydée Touitou / Writer - Editorial Consultant

Some people have a way with placing words together on a page that paint worlds into the mind.  They have a natural gift to entice the reader's imagination in a way that blooms a life of it's own. Allowing you to physically feel the words, creating a empathic tunnel into another life that feels so close to understanding even though it may have never even happened to you.  That is the beauty of a great writer - the ability to transport the reader, and when you come up for air, you feel as if you traveled to the life on the page. 
That is how I felt when I feel upon Haydée's words.  Weather it be from the story she helped create in her father's book:  A.P.C. Transmission , or in her own co-founded magazine that feels more like an art book: The Skirt Chronicles  , she has brought to life a whimsical, playful, and eloquence in writing with the powerful voice of a woman that inspires.  I was so excited when I wrote her about a featuring on our platform and received a response of sweetness and openness all the way from Paris.  Being able to collaborate with women like her is what helps me feel like there is a community that is growing and reaches a web far beyond and across the globe. 
Who are you ?
My full name is Haydée Billie Angelica Maroussia Touitou, all middle names carrying a special meaning to me. I sometimes think of the women after which I’m named as guardian angels.
I’m a writer as well as an editorial consultant; working for publications and brands. I started  working on my first book recently and expect to publish it next year.
I am also co-editor-in-chief to The Skirt Chronicles, a publication which I founded with two close friends. It aims at reflecting upon women without excluding anyone from the conversation.
Why do you make your work?
I’m lucky I was able to make my passion for writing my work; when I look back at the things I’ve done, the jobs I had, or even the studies I pursued, writing was always the thread holding everything together.

What do you believe in?
I believe in believing in whatever it is that you do, as long as it remains outside of dogmas. I find it more adequate to believe in what you do, what you make, rather than believing in yourself.

Name one thing you say yes to? 
I always say yes to travel when I can afford it.
And one thing you say no to?
I don’t mean for this to become an afternoon special but the one thing I say no to is drugs. I naturally fly high enough as it is.
What change would you like to see?
So much ought to be changed, I wouldn’t know where to begin except by saying that if we all slowed down our pace of living, in order to pause and reflect for a second, the world as a whole might be less subject to catastrophes and absurdities.
Name one thing that makes you happy?
I guess there is one precise thing that always makes me happy: when the lights go down in the movie theater, right before the movie is about to start.
How would you describe your personal routine.
My personal view of self care is very self indulging. The only department where I do try to have a routine concerns electronic devices. Nights when I’m at home, I try to leave my phone alone from 9PM to 9AM. Before going to bed, I believe there’s no better way of treating yourself to a nice night than looking away from all the screens surrounding us.

What did you want to be as a child?
I unfortunately have very little memories before I was 12 or so. And no recollection if I wanted to be anything in particular as a child. I somehow trust that life chooses what’s best for you if you always make the most of everything.

Can you remember one solid piece of advice you've gotten for the growth of your business / work ?
Work hard in order to have no regrets.
If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
That’s a question I don’t often ask myself since I feel so lucky to be collaborating with the people I already am. But it’s true there are so many people I would feel fortunate to write for. The Paris Review is definitely one of them for instance.
Who is one person in culture/ media / etc. that you feel is making positive and inspiring change ?
For more than fifteen years now, I have admired Missy Elliott for so many different reasons. Not only do I admire her music and found it amazing that she stills makes me want to dance after all these years and times I’ve listened to her; but I believe she sets a unique point of view on many issues. May it be body image, seduction or sex, I tend to feel close to the way she phrases things.


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