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SOCIAL STUDIES : Dejha Ti - Immersive Installation Artist

Dejha Ti is a multi-medium immersive experience designer.  What does this mean?  Allow yourself the opportunity to step into one of her environments, and be aware that you may not be aware of the emotion and curiosity she magically draws into your mind and body. Her work integrates environments, physical bodies and creative technology. Sometimes art hits a psychological and emotional string inside it's viewer and Dejha is a master at this technique - bringing together light, sound, form, identity, sexuality, and feeling.  I believe this understanding Dejha posses comes from a deep curiosity in humanity and universe.  With eyes wide, ears open, and questions authentically asked. 
Not only does she create works of art on her own, but she also collaborates with wife Ania Catherine, where Ania's body movement joins in Dejha's atmospheric creations.  Those that dream of having a life where one gets to wake up and create, not only with self but with partner - here is a look at how amazing it can become.  

Who are you?
Dejha Ti
Immersive experiences are my performance art.
An artist. A wife with a wife. An artist.

Why do you make your work?
To learn who I am. To learn who I am not.

What do you believe in?
Making things complex doesn’t make me smart.

Name one thing you say yes to?
Being impractical

And one thing you say no to?
Being impractical

What change would you like to see?
Be more consistent.

Name one thing that makes you happy?
Not staring at screens.

Describe your personal routine. 
Main modes of self care include drinking clean water and cutting out energy leaks.

What did you want to be as a child?
I was confused by the options of doctor, lawyer, or accountant. I just kept making art projects in my room until I was forced to decide.

Can you remember one solid piece of advice you've gotten for the growth of your work ?
Staying up all night isn’t a heroic act.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
Past: Gertrude Stein
Present: Rei Kawakubo


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