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REVIEWS : 01 Announcement - #YourNoto

Happy 2019.  I know, it's March 1st :)  I wanted to take a moment to announce the love I have for you.  Almost every morning, I sit down to my computer after my first few sips of coffee and find something in my inbox from you.  Sometimes I get notes, thank you's, and the like, of you telling me your experience with my products.  You tell me how you appreciate a non-binary, clean, and unique product that gives back, or has helped relieve stress.  Sometimes you tell me how my products have fixed, helped, or saved you in some way, and how grateful you are that I make these. 

I wanted to make something very clear.  Without these notes from you, I would be aimless in making NOTO.  Maybe not for the first year or so, but after a while, you connect with the core purpose of what you are out to do.  And that for me, is making something valuable to others.  A way to make our crazy world feel more connected, welcomed, beautiful, and unique. 

Your notes have been that fuel for me.  Day in and day out.  I get so excited when I read your emails and reviews.  I love and appreciate how you acknowledge that just like you, I am also one person doing something I care about. 

Now back to you.

I wanted to begin to share YOUR experiences with the NOTO products you love.  Share your stories and insights.  You will begin to notice these posted on our Blog and our Instagram.  And as always, I would love to hear your thoughts on what you are doing with  #YourNoto .  

I invite you to directly email me at to share your feelings. Or write us a review on our product page.

Tell me how you remember our very first packaging, or our discontinued Blue Glow Stick.  Tell me how our Agender Oil has kept your pubic hair soft and your partners dandruff at bay.  Or how you keep our Basil Yarrow mist at your desk and drench yourself after a meeting.  And how you never leave your house without your Rooted oil ( just like me ).  Or that our Mulit-Benne stains are the exact color you've been looking for but your dog also loved it so much that they ate it.  

To kick off our Reviews, I wanted to share a video series ( 1 of 3 ) of Polina and Virginia.  This couple has been using NOTO since the beginning. Pre fancy bottle or even pre Boxed product days.  In addition, we share Elizabeth's experience with NOTO in the below written review.

Thank you so much for the last 3 years of magic.  And many more to come, with your support. And I look forward to hearing more of #YourNOTO


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