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For our last installment of our RADICAL SELF CARE series, meet Rene! Queer artist, musician, actress, model, all around cool human. Lear about what Rene has practiced to connect to her radical self care in this last year.

Hi, my name is Rene and my pronouns are she/her or they/them - I’m an actress, model and owner of a curated vintage shop called Psyche Vintage.

What has radical self care looked like for you over this last year? 
Implementing radical self care and connecting with my authenticity in 2020 has looked like a lot of different things for me throughout this chaotic year.

I’ve gone through a lot of major changes this year, from going through isolation during quarantine and learning to be alone in almost an entirely different way compared to what being alone meant during “normal” times. This year I went from living with someone I love, to living alone and being completely by myself, which was challenging at some points. The inability to go out and see friends in real life and having all this free time felt isolating and caused me to question a lot of things about myself. Quarantine has really taught me to take care of myself and prioritize what makes me feel good. 

Some people translate prioritizing self care as selfish, but at the end of the day (regardless of all your relationships with other people) all you have is the relationship with yourself. Being alone and making yourself feel good with whatever that looks like is extremely important for personal growth.

Taking it slow and coddling myself like a child has been extremely rewarding and therapeutic for me.

Skincare is something that I indulge in and that makes me feel good. Nothing feels better than getting out the shower and applying my favorite products. Taking it slow, breathing the smells in, and your skin thanking you by glowing all day long is a good feeling. I feel like other people can sense that glow too. Taking good care of myself HELPS my inner expression come out to play because self care is safe, and self care shows that I CAN be whoever I want to be, there are no rules of what can make me feel good. It can be whatever I want it to look like or be. 

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