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Meet Niko Jane, one of our NOTO faces featured in our series discussing Radical Self care, and how she's taking personal measures towards that good inner feeling. She also dishes out some advice on how you can achieve It too! 

I’m Niko Jane and I use she/her pronouns. I’m a freelance makeup artist and a full time muse.

This year, more than ever it has been hard to remain positive, I try and remember that everything is fleeting: every bad day, every bad week, even the best day, passes. Then it comes back around.

It’s been important for my entire life to reflect within and make sure to never get too comfortable with myself which can limit positive change and growth. This year has given more time than ever to self reflect and the importance of taking that time is something I don’t ever want to lose. 

I have been finding joy and staying inspired by creating and collaborating with my friends. I have been trying to keep my body moving and exploring new ways to move - learning tennis has also been a blast. 

It has also been consistently inspiring and reassuring to see so many people use their voices, talent, and platform to demand change, we can’t let that energy diminish. 

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