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SOCIAL STUDIES : Zarna Surti / Editor In Chief TONAL Journal

Zarna has been one of those woman who have entered my life in a way that feels more like a force than a human.  She is the type of woman that is so beyond intelligent and strategic but also mixed with a strong eye for beautiful aesthetics.  That perfect combo that a lot of starving artists need as a best friend.  I can sit there and talk to her for hours on politics, gender, music history, business, current culture, and art.  Each time I leave a slight bit smarter thanks to her knowledge.  She is one of those who practices what they preach be it in self care, personal artistic interest, or standing for what she believes in.  In addition, she has worked as a consultant for major creative companies, and if you have the luck of the draw of working with her, you can be sure she will elevate your brand and your ideas to the next level.
Zarna has moved into the next high level of her own world as Editor in Chief of a brand new publication called TONAL Journal - Here she tackles not only beauty, fashion, and all of the pretty things we love to look at - but also feminism, identity, culture, and politics .  She is a master at holding your attention while holding space for positive change that our society is thirsty for. To use the adjective "BOSS" to describe her is just the tipping point. 
Who are you?
Zarna Surti, Founder + Editor in Chief of TONAL. Tonal Journal is a bi-annual print publication (launching in January!) that celebrates women of color. Tonal Studios is our creative studio that works with brands rooted in diversity on creative projects.

Why do you make your work?
To celebrate women of color and all creatives who want to support their beauty, their stories, and their experiences.

What do you believe in?

Love, hard work, and really good music.

Name one thing you say yes to? And one thing you say no to? ( this questions was originally conceived with Zarna's aid and brilliant mind :) 
Yes to adventure.
No to complacency.

Name one thing that makes you happy?
There are too many—music, my family, my boyfriend, my friends! My current music obsessions are Daniel Caesar, Jorja Smith, and NAO—if you haven't listened to them, you need to!
How would you describe your personal routine?
My skincare routine is definitely intense. I always start of with the La Mer Cleansing Oil, then use the Beautycounter Rejuvenating Radiance Serum, then follow with La Mer Eye Cream. Then for moisture (I have really dry skin), I use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm and Noto Botanics Rooted Oil. It's lengthy, but it's become a ritual at this point. If I'm wearing SPF, I always opt for Panacea's version—it's so good. As far as makeup, I'm low key—I like a little lightweight foundation, a touch of concealer under the eyes, a little boy brow, and a swipe of mascara. I'll use the Multi-Benne stick for a little color on the lips or cheeks as well.

What did you want to be as a child?
This is actually a true story—at four years old, I told the Prime Minister of India I wanted to be a gynocologist! Haha. But I spent most of my childhood and adolocense deeply connected to music and song. I even went as far as getting a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance—music is what led me into editorial work. Our first issue of TONAL is rooted in music—we have features like Yuna, Jocelyn Cooper (the cofounder of Afropunk), and Amber Mark, to name a few.

Can you remember one solid piece of advice you've gotten for the growth of your business / work ?
This has always stuck with me. A friend told me to only do the kind of work I wanted, and then that kind of work would come to me—and she was right. At first it was scary to stop doing certain projects as they provided financial security, but in the end, it was beyond work it.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
I wish my grandmother was still with us—she had the best style. I was too young to truly appreciate every part of it, but she always wore elegant saris (with matching socks!), gold jewelry, and her signature scent. That would have been the most beautiful collaboration for my soul.
Who is one person in culture/ media / etc. that you feel is making positive and inspiring change?
Michelle Obama! I hope to have her in the pages of TONAL one day. I also love inspiring women of color writers like Arundhati Roy, Min Jin Lee, and Zadie Smith.


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