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Pride. It's not just a trend for companies to celebrate, an abstract concept, or only a time to party. For me, pride is quite personal. As a queer person, I remember marching the streets of LA during prop 8, demanding the right to marry and equal rights as a whole. I have so many fond memories that I am still making, of celebrating otherness, either on the dance floor, through art and expression, with a meal, through tears, and with an embrace with my chosen family. And still today, it's not only a time to celebrate but also a time where we are still pushing towards equality of love and acceptance. This pride, we are connecting to the concept of what being natural means to us. Not only is it a play on words through NOTO being a natural product line, but also through the celebration that being ones self is natural. You are natural, no matter how you choose to identify. Let's celebrate your authentic self, not only this June, but every day of the year! We are excited to kick off pride with our campaign faces and fearless identities to their art and life, Soko + Angel Haze, through our campaign directed by Mollie Mills. We are also celebrating with our Pride kits. 10% of all kit sales will go towards Sageusa.Org , supporting our elderly LGBTQIA+ elders and their caretakers. These kit bags are in collaboration with Glob.Land, who have made these NOTO branded market bags out of recycled ocean waste plastics. Each kit also includes our Agender oil, which is amazing to use on your anywhere hair and body. We hope you love everything we've put together to celebrate. And remember you are natural, this is natural, and NOTO is natural. We love you!
xo - Gloria Noto



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