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NOTO FACES: Gina Esposito of Nu Swim

Inspired by warm Italian summers and multi-use simplicity, we designed a silk scarf in collaboration with New York based swimwear brand Nu Swim to celebrate the launch of our new SPF30 Serum. A collaboration with Nu Swim and Founder / Creative Director Gina Esposito was a natural choice - we've been long-inspired by the brand's beautiful and timeless swimwear, and shared values of inclusivity and earth-minded practices.

Below, we chat with Gina about the creation of Nu Swim, where she finds inspiration, and what NOTO products she can't live without.

Introduce yourself to our community. 

I am Gina Esposito, founder of Nu Swim and co-Founder of Tangerine (our retail shop). I live in Brooklyn, New York and just turned 40 years old (trying to appreciate that number by saying it out loud a lot).

What inspired the creation of Nu Swim? 

I was raised a swimmer and ocean lover – I studied fashion design at FIT and started my career working in corporate design. I was at my last job for about 5 years, and while I loved the job and team, I felt unfulfilled and had dreams of starting my own brand.

I started creating a collection of swimwear after work as a little passion project, not thinking it would really take off, but I was part of a huge company-wide layoff, which really put fire under my bum. I took advantage of my severance and time off and ran with it – found a factory and launched the brand a year later. Luckily and to my surprise, Nu Swim took off and I was able to quit my freelance job pretty early on. 9 1/2 years later we are still working our asses off and Nu Swim is growing and evolving and going strong – I am so proud and so grateful.

What do you find inspiration in outside of work?

Walking, swimming, being in nature, being in the sun, being on/in the ocean, deep talks with friends/family/collaborators, films, music, listening to people talk about their lives, food, gardens, New York City, warm late nights, laughing, dancing, seeing people smile, springtime … the list goes on.

Describe your skincare / makeup routine!

Simple! I wash my face with cold water in the morning and throw on some NOTO Deep Serum and SPF, then a tinted moisturizer (with SPF), some clear eyebrow gel and lightweight mascara. If I’m feeling feminine, I’ll glide some NOTO Cheek and Lip Stain on my cheeks in Genet or Five (I use Genet when I don’t have a tan and Five when I have a tan). I also use the NOTO Resurface Scrub on my face, neck and shoulders in the shower once or twice a week. The exfoliation is so fine, and the peppermint oil wakes up my skin and makes my cheek bones feel nice and high.

What resonates with you about the ethos of NOTO ?

Being an earth and ocean lover, I have always used natural, clean products and have adored NOTO for many years. The formulas and scents are so hydrating, and we are all about hydration at Nu Swim. We carry NOTO in our retail shop and can barely keep it in stock. When Gloria reached out about collaborating on a launch for SPF, it was a no brainer, as we have been looking for a skincare brand to partner with on SPF for our web shop.

This is the first natural sunscreen I have used that goes on completely clear and doesn’t compromise the NOTO scents we apply onto our skin – the scent of the SPF is incredible! Citrusy and happy.

Favorite NOTO product?

NOTO makes it hard to choose a favorite, but I am Rooted Oil’s number one fan. It’s my perfume and my absolute favorite scent in the world. I use the roller for my belly button, behind the ears and wrists and the oil for my hair, collarbones and shoulders. I always get complimented on how great I smell :)


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