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Photo by Kobe Wagstaff @kobewagstaff

You may recognize Madge from a few of NOTO's past and present photoshoots. Madge is a long time friend and supporter of NOTO, with a profound list of admirable talents, including songwriting. In celebration of their newest song, "Whatify" which released on Friday, Madge put together a playlist for the whole NOTO Fam to enjoy (Don't worry, Whatify made it on the playlist). This playlist, full of energy and spirit, feels like the breath of fresh air that we've needed after being inside for so many months. 


Take a moment to introduce yourself & tell us a little bit about who you are.

Hi! I’m Madge (, a songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles. I love horror manga and wigs. My studio currently has flamingo wallpaper and many pothos houseplants. I am a bit of a nomad but grew up mostly in Utah with a big Mormon family. When I’m not making music, I’m probably staying very active or crying in my bed (pick your poison). I just bought an early 2000s convertible and I’m excited to intimidate losers on the PCH this summer. 

What do you call your playlist? 

Welcome to the Mad(ge) House

If your playlist was one NOTO product, which one would it be and why?

Basil Yarrow Mist. It’s an energizer. Get ready to spring into some sick dance moves, bro!

If you could describe your playlist in one word, what would It be? 


What was your inspiration behind your selection?  

My brand new song “Whatify” that I just released with Mr. Tape. It’s a house bop which is not my usual speed. I am not mad about it though. It could be one of my favorite releases in a while. 

If your playlist was a color, what would it be?

Holographic rainbow!

What do you want the listener to feel when they press play?

The need to nod their head along with the four-on-the-floor beats.



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