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Andy Judd, hair stylist extraordinaire, artist supreme, and NOTO face family, has made us a new playlist brining us into the weird year that is 2022 ! I love this playlist so much, and I think you might too. You might even move your body to it. Enjoy and read below to learn more about what you are listening. 

Howdy - my name is Andy. Online I go by @Andy_doesyourhair - I'm a hairdresser and educator based out of Nashville, TN. Currently I am working on planning future photoshoots and online/in person education.

What do you call your playlist ?
Helter-skelter or Hyperactive

If your playlist was one NOTO product, which one would It be and why ?
It would have to be the Resurface Scrub. When using the scrub the textures and feelings are constantly changing and invigorating; that's the main inspiration for the playlist.

If you could describe your playlist in one word, what would It be ?

If your playlist was a color, what would it be ?
I don't think it could decide on one color, so I guess it'd have to be a multi-chrome.

What was your inspiration behind your selection ?
I love to be confused and surprised when listening to playlists. I enjoy shifts and turns or else I get too settled and my legs start to shake. 

What do you want the listener to feel when they press play ?
Hopefully y'all will have some feelings of wanting to move around and be lost in the sounds.

What does pride mean to you ?
Hmmmm. Pride.. Well, I grew up in a southern baptist home so initially I thought of sin. I find it to be a reminder to be authentically myself without worry of what others may think of me. I also find it to be a reminder to push toward modesty. 

When do you feel the most naturally you ?
I feel most naturally myself when either I am working on hair behind the chair or when I am home working on design projects with my partner, Joe.


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