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NOTO IN STUDIO : 2019 Campaign - WHO IS NOTO

Who is NOTO ?  I have never been one to choose to be one thing in life.  My identity stretches across oceans, genre, aesthetics, genders, orientations.   I used to envy those who knew exactly who they are, what they like, and what they want.  For me, these things changed on the daily.  

When I started NOTO, I would often get asked questions like, " What is your demographic?", "Are you makeup or body care?", "What is your brand identity?".  I always had a hard time answering these questions because, like my personal interests, I feel that my brand is bigger than one easy thing.  We can't be wrapped up neatly in on pretty box with one description.

NOTO stands for diversity.  This means in self, in belief, in evolution.  At the core, NOTO is about : Gender fluidity  ( or as we like to say UNI_SEXY , though the "uni" part doesn't appy - so, identify as you wish ), Multi-Use ( one product can do so much ) , and Natural ( ingredients made from nature with respect to nature and the ability to synergize with your cells rather than pollute them).

When producing our 2019 campaign, I looked closely to be sure that what our core beliefs are, were being shown.  I think we hit it pretty damn close.  Next up, I would like to introduce a broader range in age.  Showing you that there is beauty at all stages.  Something else I strongly believe is lacking in the beauty world. 

I encourage you, our loyal user, to be as uniquely you as you can possibly be.  As cheesy as this may sound, Oscar Wilde said it right :
"Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Already Taken"

I hope you enjoy these images that you will begin to see peppered out through this year.  Also, please be sure to keep an eye out for new SOCIAL STUDIES interviews that will feature many of the faces used in this series. 

Here is a selection of images, but our editorial section will begin to be updated with more, as well as on our instagram. 

With sincere gratitude , 


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