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NOTO FACES New Year Edition // Kashton Kane

It's a new year and that can mean different things for different people. We love to learn more about our community and wanted to use this month to learn about your rituals, routines and more.

Meet Kashton Kane, NOTO FACE and designer/illustrator. He's shared with us his NOTO routine, how he likes to kick-off the new year, and what radical self care curing the new year looks like. 

What does your NOTO routine look like?

I love starting with the Rooted Roller on my neck and wrists to feel connected and grounded. I'll follow up with the Deep Serum, and massage and pat gently onto my face. Multi-Bene Stick in Fluxus for some contour. Multi-Bene Stick in Ono Ono on my cheeks and lips ;)

How do you like to kick-off the new year? 

Setting new intentions for the new year, evaluating old patterns that no longer serve me, learning to cultivate healthy habits, and finding ways to have them stick throughout the year. I always like to start the year entirely sober to be fully aligned spiritually and mentally to start the year off with absolute clarity and with a steady creative heartbeat.

What does radical self-care during the new year look like for you? 

Taking time alone is always imperative. Being content in your own solitude and silence with no distraction I think has been something I've taken for granted. Also, having a ravenous appetite to learn and better yourself is key. 


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