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NOTO FACES New Year Edition // Allie Aparicio

It's a new year and that can mean different things for different people. We love to learn more about our community and wanted to use this month to learn about your rituals, routines and more. We'll be sharing some from our FACES throughout the month!

Meet Allie Aparicio, NOTO FACE and creative. She's shared with us her NOTO routine, how she likes to kick-off the new year, and what radical self care curing the new year looks like. 

What does your NOTO routine look like?

I am using The Wash to first cleanse the skin to remove any dirt and makeup. Then using the Resurface Scrub to buff away any excess oils deep in the pores. Next, using the holiday grail the Deep Serum, to lock in moisture and giving me the signature #notoglo. Finishing with Five, a multi-bene stain on the cheeks, eyes and lips :)

How do you like to kick-off the new year? 

I want to start the new year refreshed and write down the things I am thankful for that happened throughout the year. Also, write down some fun things and goals I want to strive for this new year :) 

What does radical self care during the new year look like for you?

Radical self care for me is going to look like muting the internet for a while when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Going on a long hike and submerging myself in nature to reconnect, and having a consistent morning and nightly skin routine so I can reset and have some loving me time!




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