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Meet Natalia Mantini, NOTO FACE and photographer, content creator + overall creative. In celebration of the holiday season, Natalia has shared with us a little bit about her holiday rituals, what radical self care during the holidays looks like to her, and what she's gifting this year.

What are your holiday plans?

I like to take this time to regenerate and take care of myself. I focus on friends, my ancestors, spending time in nature, unplugging, creating outside of work, and finding inspiration. 

What does radical self care during the holidays look like for you?

Extra meditation, herbal teas, and writing. Spending time in libraries, researching, creating mixes and sounds, putting my feet in the Earth, braiding my hair, gua sha, and touching trees.

What NOTO are you gifting this year and to who?

I am gifting NOTO's Resurface Scrub which I am obsess with and learned about from Andrea Amez, my favorite esthetician, collaborator, and very close friend. Also, the Deep Serum and Hydra Highlighter. I use these products regularly as I am big on skin care and minimal makeup. I'm gifting to my dear friends Abra and gothshakira. <3


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