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CURATED PLAYLIST // Quinton Mulvey

For our first installment of our monthly curated playlist series, we bring you NOTO ENERGY - listen HERE


What do you call your playlist ? 
NOTO ENERGY. My name is Quinton Mulvey. I am a freelance community consultant and event producer based between New York and Los Angeles. Lately I’ve been into hosting and bringing various circles together. I love connecting people and cultivating chic, intimate energy. Music and spirits are critical.

If your playlist was one NOTO product, which one would It be and why?
My playlist would be the Rooted Oil Roller — it rolls on easy, it’s aromatic and it continues to sooth throughout the whole day.

If you could describe your playlist in one word, what would It be?

What was your inspiration behind your selection?   
I tried to emulate the fluidity and sensuality of NOTO in my playlist. The oils are calming and the palette is sexy — the curation of the music encompasses both of those feelings. Soft and sultry, never loud.

If your playlist was a color what would It be?
Think a muted blood orange, or maybe a warm sage.  

What do you want the listener to feel when they press play?
I want any space it’s played in to feel instantly intimate, a little introspective but also a little flirty.  




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