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When my team presented the idea for me to share my beginning of the year routine, or how I like to start my new year out - I felt a little bit stumped. Which is unlike me because I used to be the type of person that had 1 million rituals and ways to ring in the upcoming year, remove “what wasn’t serving me,” and the like.

These days I liken myself more like a pendulum between The Dude and Maude Lebowski… Kinda whatever wants to go with the flow, man… I think that’s due to about two years of extreme life tests, loss, stress, mental health revelations, and burn out.

Coming out on the other end of that, I have been taking it “easy” and letting go of a lot of control I once gripped hard onto. With that said… one thing that hasn’t gone out the window is my skincare routine, if you can believe it. I will always keep a pretty consistent AM + PM routine with myself and I gotta give myself credit. This year I will be turning 40, and my skin is looking pretty good moving into this exciting time.

Also, I am trying to be more mindful of my liver and detoxing systems. I need to be the person that preps or I won't do it on the regular. So I have been prepping a pitcher of lemon water for my mornings, as well as a dense vegetable soup to eat throughout the day; getting my veggie consumption in check. I can tend to eat mostly bread otherwise. Additionally, journaling or vision boarding is on heavy rotation when I have the time.

Gloria's new year, non-routine

Here is my AM + PM every day, never miss a beat routine:
AM : 
1 // I always take a moment either in the shower or at the sink with warm water and The Wash
The most perfect all in one wash. Gentle on the skin and scalp but with a unique blend that eliminates dirt, leaving you extremely soft and clean - not to mention the scent brings you into a full aromatherapy session.
2 // Moving into Deep Serum. My holy grail. I formulated this oil because I had terrible acne through my entire 20’s that left me with really dull, scarred skin. This oil has soothed and given me back a glow I actually never had. I love to give my face a massage with my face tool, de-puffing and distressing my face and neck.

3 // I finish everything off with a few mists of the Basil Yarrow Mist. It helps awaken my senses, tones my skin, and refreshes my bed head hair. 
PM :
1 // Once again, I rinse off my entire day with The Wash. I love washing my hair with this as well, it's so nourishing that sometimes I don’t even need to use conditioner. After using I always wake up with beautiful natural waves.
2 // About 1-2 times a week I use my Resurface Scrub over my entire body and face for an insanely soft and polished result.

3 + 4 // I love layering on my Deep Serum and Moisture Riser Cream at night for added hydration while I sleep. It’s almost like a sleep mask and when I wake up, my skin loves me so much. Super supple and soft.
So, although my personal routines change often, the one that will always stand is my skincare… And this has been and will be my actual go-to for years to come. Happy new year!



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