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On Installment 04 of NATURALLY YOU, we talk to Jake & Josie Dupont (also known as @theduponttwins), twin sisters that embody the essence of what it means to move closer and grow towards celebrating the most real version of whom one is. We're constantly inspired by Jake & Josie's way of making others feel welcomed, seen and comfortable with who they are. 

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Jake & Josie use DEEP SERUM for a golden hour glow. 

Photos by @Payton_carson.

 When do you feel the most free and wild?

We’ve always felt our most free and wild during our experiences going out in New York City. There’s nothing that compares to being able to walk in to a party or even a dinner surrounded by people in the queer community knowing you’re in a safe space that’s judgement free. Unfortunately the pandemic has vastly changed this experience but we keep in touch with our close knit queer family and are looking forward to a time we can all go out and safely enjoy our freedom.

What makes you feel sexy?

Sexy is expressed differently by everyone. For us sexy is translated in so many different ways... it could be a fragrance that makes us feel sexy, an environment or setting that we’re in, a song that’s playing can make us feel sexy. Sexiness can be so many things in life but we’d be foolish not to say that it plays a huge part in our appearance and aesthetic, we’re personal believers that if we look our best, we’ll feel our best.

How do you connect with yourself in a sensual way?

We all know what an obvious answer would be, but digging deeper, a connection to sensuality for us isn’t entirely related to intimacy. In our experience, the feeling of sensuality comes from indulging ourselves in things that bring a sense of release. Some of our favorite things to do to connect in that way are going to the spa or getting a massage, taking a long shower or bubble bath with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, or even lighting a candle and getting lost in a great read.

How do you celebrate your otherness? 

There are so many things unique to our personal journey that we have to celebrate. We are queer twins that have recently come out as trans women. For us, every day is a celebration being able to wake up and know that we’re finally on the right path for us, but we can’t possibly celebrate ourselves as individuals without celebrating our entire community. We’re very privileged to not only have our own support system as twin sisters, but to receive so much love and support from our family and the trans and queer community we’re surrounded by. We have such an amazing platform that has made it not only possible to share our own journey, but to share and connect with others. We receive so many messages from strangers telling us how we’ve made them feel comfortable with themselves, helped them come out to their families, or simply gave them someone to relate to. It’s so special being able to celebrate those stories with them and connect with others in the community near and far. We believe it’s so important to show to everyone, especially in the trans community, that we’re here, we’re not alone and each and every one of us are worth celebrating. 


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