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Installment 03 of our Naturally You series features Phé A friend, NOTO Face and musician. I love putting Phé's music on in the afternoons when I'm working at home. You can feel their soul, wisdom & warmth through their songs and through Phe's music, I feel like I've known them for years. Enjoy Phé's soulful take on self-connection and may you too be inspired to move through the world from a place of love. 

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When do you feel the most free and wild?

Lately I have felt the most free and wild during those moments of deep belly laughter with the people I love. That can’t breathe, tears streaming from your eyes, rolling on the floor, completely uninhibited laughter. There's something so freeing about that experience and that level of connection with another person.

That and solo dance parties in my room when I need to shake some energy out and just move my body in whichever ways it feels like being moved, regardless of how it might look. 

What makes you feel sexy?

I feel most sexy when I am aligned within myself, my being, and the ways I choose to express my understanding of Self in the external world. When I am embodied and present, and am existing in a place of radical self acceptance and self-love. Where the projections and perceptions of others onto me carry no weight,  because I am coming from a place of such truth for myself. I don't have anything to prove to anyone. Living in your truest truth, from a place of love. That's sexy to me. 

How do you connect with yourself in a sensual way?

This has actually been something that I’ve really struggled with in the past. For the longest time, my definition of sensuality was super disconnected and disembodied because it didn’t encompass what I now understand to be my personal experiences and expressions of sensuality. 

Now, I am able to understand sensuality as anything that engages the senses in a meaningful way -- that being touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. Every day gets to be a sensual experience and a chance to connect to myself and my environment in a sensual way if I am constantly choosing to live in the present awareness of the current moment. Being HERE for the activities and experiences that I am engaging in regardless of how mundane or menial they may seem. So for me, an example of that would be slowing down when I am eating. Feeling the texture of the food in my mouth before I chew it and being aware of how that changes and evolves as I chew. Exploring the different tastes and smells present in each bite of whatever I am eating. Experiencing the temperature of the food in my mouth, etc. I am choosing to be present in the whole sensual experience of eating in a meaningful manner rather than perceiving it as some bothersome task that I have to perform in order to provide my body with nutrients and stay alive.. ahaha. 

How do you celebrate your otherness? 

I am very grateful to have music and my new artist project -- launching in the coming weeks -- which have come to be this beautiful container in which I get to explore, understand, express, and celebrate all the facets of my being, and gives me a channel through which I have the honor of sharing those things with the world around me in a constructive way. 

For me, every song, every piece of content, each video, or album/single artwork, each piece of merch, and every connection I make with someone who resonates with anything I have made or shared gets to be celebration of that otherness, and a reflection to the community that I am sharing with that their otherness deserves celebrating as well. 

When do you know it's time to reconnect with your truest / natural self and what do you do to engage in that connection?

For the past year or so, my life has very much been about tapping into, connecting with, and understanding who or what my truest self actually is. Finding my foundation, and understanding what my personal definition of words like “authentic” and “self” actually are. I think we throw those concepts around a lot today, without stopping to contemplate them on a personal level. We take words, concepts, and identities for their societal meaning and then try to fit ourselves into these boxes that don’t really represent our experiences of being, and were never really meant to. 

I feel like I am still taking the first steps in my journey of connecting to myself, but I do feel more connected and in tune now than I ever have before. Stepping into a spiritual practice that resonates with me has been a huge aspect in my personal journey. And it's in committing to that practice, that I have been able to commit to the continued exploration and connection with myself in a way that is meaningful for me. I know it's time to reconnect when I am worrying about the perceptions and opinions of others over how I feel in my bodily experience of life.


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