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Meet KELLY - a fearless expressionist of what beauty can mean in their own terms. Undone in a world that can at times, seem so overly done. Daring in a soft touch. What makes you feel the most in your body, mind, soul. When the reflection looking back is smiling and strong. Unique to each and every one of us. Kelly shares with NOTO what it means to be naturally themselves, in the first installment of our NATURALLY YOU series. Playing in natural light, Kelly uses their favorite NOTO selects including : Deep Serum + GENET MULTI-BENNE POT

When do you feel the most free and wild?
When you can’t spend time with others the independence can be liberating, but it can also be daunting to find things that give you that same energy. Lately that's been dancing in my apartment (nobody needs to see that anyways), changing my hair in ways I may not have otherwise, and generally trying to lean into a “why not” mentality. 

What makes you feel sexy?
Eye contact, two and a half glasses of wine, receiving unsolicited texts, going on walks with really loud and embarrassing music. 

How do you celebrate your otherness? 
I’m trying to figure this out by having lots of conversations about the gray area of being a queer person vs. having queerness define you vs. the special parts of being queer in my day to day life that I deeply enjoy. For now that means enjoying the moments when it clicks and accepting that my connectivity with my otherness and my queerness will ebb and flow. 

When do you know it's time to reconnect with your truest / natural self and what do you do to engage in that sensual connection?
I have a hard time sitting alone with my thoughts, but when I’m feeling burnt out I try and find something that isn’t an “I should do this” thing but is somewhat distracting and lets me process everything I have floating around in my brain. In my day to day, I’m more of a conduit for others to be creative and I get so much energy from doing so, but struggle finding those things that feel truest to me vs. participatory. I move a lot, and making updates to my apartment is a huge release and free space where I don’t feel like I need to make the “correct” decision. I hold a huge connection to my surroundings and would say my comfort with myself as well as my sensuality is really tied to the sensory aspects of wherever home happens to be. 


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