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We love love at NOTO. What better time of month to share a love story than February. Meet NOTO face Rene and her partner Nico

Who are you?
Rene Garcia-Ferry - Venice, CA, She/Her, Actor, model, Artist
Nico Turner - West Hollywood, CA, She/her/They/Them, Artist/Musician

How did you two meet? Tell us the deets.
We met through a mutual friend who thought we would be a good match. We waited almost a year to actually get together. Then the moment we saw each other, it was electric. There was tons of tension that built up over time, so we just knew we shared something special without having to even speak about it.

What NOTO product are you most like and why?
Nico identifies with the Agender Oil because it’s not just one thing and the scent is unique, androgynous, and calming. 
Rene identifies with the Hyrdra Highlighter because it’s subtle, yet when it’s in the right light, it really shines and glows beautifully. She likes how subtle and natural, yet simultaneously glowing it is.

What did it feel like when you first started dating? 
It felt like we had finally found our match. No one had ever gotten us the way that we got each other. It felt inspiring and non-judgemental. It felt like we could fully be ourselves. We just have such a special connection. We can just look at each other’s face and know what the other is thinking. 

Who said I love you first?
Nico Did. We were laying in the grass at Venice Beach, with a bottle of wine and a Jim Morrison Poetry book. Nico could tell that Rene wanted to say it but was so nervous that she drank half a bottle of wine, so Nico took the reins and said it. 

Are you a romantic or a realist?
Definitely both romantics. 

What’s your favorite love song?
Indian Summer by The Doors 

How does the other lead you closer to your truest, most authentic self? 
There’s no judgement in our relationship. We just try to learn as much as we can from each other and encourage each other’s goals as much as possible. Rene keeps me present and helps me feel so safe and loved and that really helps me free up brain space and feel supported in my creative work. Nico loves me with no judgement and helps guide me in my growth as a human adult person. 

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