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Gloria's gift guide


Dana Arbib "Tramonto" (2022) // Carafe and single cup; hand-blown sparkling bubbled glass by artist Dana Arbib - found at Tiwa-Select, who has an amazing curation of other artist focused homewares

Limited Edition Collab Highlighter – DEFY by NOTO + CURRAN // This is the most beautiful glaze of subtle lavendar highlight. Amazing for a more spirited, playful glow all over, and incredible frosted lip.


Karo Koru Mixed Metal Pearl Necklace // Slight choker style hand made by our friend and fellow makeup artist Karo Kangas.

Papier d'Arménie Incense Papers // Created more than 120 years ago, these incense papers are perfect for an old world scented moment. Great for the bathroom, too!

Maude Organic Personal Lube // Because who doesn't need some extra pleasure in life?

Bone Marrow Lamp – Savvy Studios // Bones left over from carnivorous dinner parties have become the unlikely inspiration for designer Rafael Prieto. This evolving design project has become one of my favorites.

J Hannah Nailpolish in Compost // I am a sucker for "ugly" nail polish colors, especially if they are non-toxc.

TUTTO PASSA Garden Dirt Candle // Welcome to my side passion. I wanted to make a candle that smelled like an actual walk in a blooming summer garden.

YOLA Mezcal // My friends over at YOLA have made the best mezcal on the planet. I love to drink it neat or add some spicy margarita mix to it. Best shared for a very fun night.

90's Deadstock Dragon Mesh Shirt // After watching the movie Passages, I wanted to find every piece worn by the leading character. I found this shirt that I like to wear with a sheer sweater over the top. 

NOTO Ultimate Winter Skin Kit // Literally all of my favorite products wrapped up in the perfect bag.

Medicinal Plant Index Uplift Nervous System Support // Created to soothe + recuperate your overworked nervous system, elevating you above the anxiety, melancholy, and daily stresses of life; and who doesn't need that during this time of year?

Moka Express Nera // As a self admitted coffee addict, I will take my coffee in every which way possible. This is how I learned how to make it from my Sicilian family.

Giovanni's Room – James Baldwin // One of my favorite books, taking me away to a European queer love story fantasy.






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