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For our next NOTO curated playlist, join us on a House music trip as you turn on this mix by our friend @silviaprada. New York based illustrator and decorative artist through a pop culture fetish lens and monochromatic tone. She has helped shape the movement of contemporary illustration art of the past decade and contributed artwork to a number of leading arts and culture publications including The Face, Dazed & Confused, and V Magazine. Listen to her curated playlist HERE 

Who are you?
My name is Silvia Prada. I was born in a beautiful city in the north of Spain famous for its magnificent Templar castle. I've lived in New York City since 2010.  I'm a creative director and visual artist and  I specialize in gay subculture and pop culture. I also curate music for luxury brands.
What do you call your playlist ?
Chic-mystique 2020

If your playlist was one NOTO product, which one would It be and why?
Noto’s travel set 

If you could describe your playlist in one word, what would It be?

What was your inspiration behind your selection?  
The intention ls to represent movement,  transit, voyage.

If your playlist was a color what would It be?
True Blue

What do you want the listener to feel when they press play
Like if they are crossing Europe in a train


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