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For our fifth installment of our monthly curated playlist series, we bring you VVP FOR NOTO by Saturn - listen HERE

Who are you?
My name is Saturn. I am a performance auteur as it extends to the writing, creating, singing, dancing managing my show in all facets. I am from the bay area currently in LA working full time as an artist. Im in mood of ready. Ready for change. Ready for new. 

What do you call your playlist 
Vvp. venus virgo playlist 

If your playlist was one NOTO product, which one would It be and why?
Hydra highlighter. I am always looking to brighten up the faces around me. Haaaaa ;)

If you could describe your playlist in one word, what would It be? 

What was your inspiration behind your selection?  
When I'm writing lyrics or melody. I make a playlist for that song. Like a reminder of the vibe; inspiration for the feeling. Venus Virgo Playlist is my mood & vision boards. It's a venture into letting go and working with what you've got. Accepting when things aren't perfect but taking the chance anyway.

If your playlist was a color what would It be?
Purple. Dip Lipstain purple but maroon and plum purple.

What do you want the listener to feel when they press play
Vulnerable. Confident. Gratitude. 


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