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NOTO SOUNDS : Breaks for Femmes, a playlist by our friend P. Staff, London + L.A. based multimedia artist who wears GENET Multi-Bene Stick religiously.

"This playlist went through a few different iterations before I sent you the final version— I have a magpie greediness when it comes to music, from shoe gaze goth to religious drones, uk garage to exotica. But I landed on a vibe that I jokingly told you was breaks for femmes— a mix of ethereal breakbeat, industrial bass, experimental ambient and video game music. I think of it as embodying a kind of sensuous-hardcore, all sub bass and polyrhythms, a little footwork and free jazz, each track going hard. A large portion of this mix is music by queer and trans producers and musicians that I hold dear to my heart. Listen to it through from beginning to end. It sounds best played loud, maybe in your car driving fast, or on your headphones with the excessive volume warning on your screen blinking." – P. Staff

About P
P. Staff is an artist based in London and Los Angeles. Their work spans poetry, installation and sculpture, and has been presented at institutions including MOMA, Los Angeles; New Museum, New York; and the Venice Biennale, Italy.


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