Basil Yarrow Mist
Basil Yarrow Mist
Basil Yarrow Mist
Basil Yarrow Mist
Basil Yarrow Mist
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Basil Yarrow Mist

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FACE + BODY + HAIR - 2oz  

A gentle cool toning mist that can awaken thirsty and tired skin, hair, and senses with the unique smell that Basil and Ylang Ylang offers.  The essential oils will soften the skin or hair, while the rose water witch hazel will tone.

Spray any time of day or night to the face, under arms, neck, hair, etc.   
Use as a light moisturizer or complement other products with added benefits to freshen and hydrate with soft toning on skin or hair. 

Refrigerate for extra refresh-ing!  Add a few generous mists to hair to awaken and refreshen your sexy bed head.


  • Water - hydrating
  • Distilled Rose Water- calming, hydrating
  • Witch hazel - antiseptic, antibacterial 
  • Basil essential oil - opens lung and nose passageways
  • German (blue) Chamomile - high azulene content, calming, anti-inflammatory, sebum restorative
  • Ylang Ylang oil - mood lifter, antiseptic, aphrodisiac
  • Yarrow extract - purifying, calming, wound healing
  • Lavender - calming 
    TERMS : 
    R E F U N D S  +  E X C H A N G E S
    Due to the nature of our botanics, we cannot accept returns. However,
    we offer replacements or store credit should the product arrive damaged. 
    If in doubt, get in touch. 
    A L L E R G I E S + R E A C T I O N S
    Natural ingredients are powerful and unique, just like you !  Please be sure to always know what ingredients you may be allergic to before using our products.  Always do a small patch skin test to see if you may have any reactions to our ingredients.  
    Never use products in the eye area, internally, or on open wounds or irritated skin and discontinue use if irritation arises.

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