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SOCIAL STUDIES : Sissy Sainte-Marie - Stylist / Visionary

There are certain people who when they say they want to do something, do it - with what seems to be at ease of a solid gold magic wand.  Sissy makes what she does look effortless and magical.  Like a world you may want to go hang out in, drink coffee, and play dress up with her company. 
I met Sissy many many years ago, when she and her husband ( an amazing photographer Eddie Chacon ) were in a musical group called The Polyamorous Affair.  They would DJ art parties I would throw with for my resting in peace art magazine WORK.  On the side, Sissy had an incredible vintage collection room at home and online.  When you walked into this room, you would feel like you entered the store of your dreams.  Slowly Sissy started to put more attention to this passion of hers.  One day at a one of my old favorite French cafe's in Los Feliz, we were discussing our passions and ideas. I distinctly remember her saying she was going to take styling more seriously and focus on it full time. 
I swear it seemed like I woke up the next day and she was one of the most sought after LA stylists.  I remember being completely in awe of her direction, as I felt that little to none was doing that sort of aesthetic around here.  She was special, she had the vision and the attention to detail that quickly caught on. 
I have enjoyed watching all things Sissy Sainte-Marie from a close distance and often have had the greatest pleasure creating with her on set.  Doing makeup for her and even better for her and her husband, has been some of my most favorite days as an artist. 
- xo
Who are you ?
I work as a stylist under the name Sissy Sainte-Marie

Why do you make your work?
I feel compelled to. 
What do you believe in?
That thing Einstein said about the infinite stupidity of people. But I also believe good will always prevail. 

Name one thing you say yes to?
And one thing you say no to?
Dead ends 
What change would you like to see?
Less bullshit. 

Name one thing that makes you happy?
Being with my husband. 

How would you describe your personal routine ?

What did you want to be as a child?
An artist.

Can you remember one solid piece of advice you've gotten for the growth of your business / work ?  
Do you. 

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?  
I’m too shy to say. Not feeling worthy of any aspirations at the moment. 
Who is one person in culture/ media / etc. that you feel is making positive and inspiring change ?


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