04/10: Sound Healing Meditation Ceremony w/ Azul
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04/10: Sound Healing Meditation Ceremony w/ Azul

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Join us Friday April 10th 6:30 to 8 PM

This workshop is designed for deep individual healing within the support of a group setting- with the collective  intention of deep healing.In this 1.5 hour workshop we will utilize sound therapy + channeled guided group meditation, group breathing exercises, and the social element of sharing our experiences and supporting one another in healing .

This serves as a time for self reflection, trauma / anxiety release ( especially for those wanting to break free from social anxiety) and healing in general, the  energy being channeled by facilitator Azul, in this class will serve as support for the collective group. We will all be together on  journey of becoming a more full,  realized and relaxed version of self. Open to all genders.

Workshop flow


+Breathing exercise timed with music (10mins)

+Group sound bath +meditation (30 mins) 




Azul is a multi disciplinary healer and artist from LA, who’s background in shamanic healing and plant medicine comes through as channeled energy to support the needs of her clients.She has lived and travelled around the globe sharing her healing gifts as well as learning from various indigenous cultures. In her meditations she connects to the energy of different plant medicines and holds space to assist in the healing intention of each individual. In her early twenties she explored further with healing, learning form a 16th generation Taita and other shaman from the Colombian Amazon, where she learned the ancient practices and worked intensively over four years with plant medicine.In addition to the indigenous practices, Azul is also certified in Reiki.As a musician her natural inclination to use sound as a medium for energy transfer, so as a very natural progression, she gravitated towards sound healing therapy. In her healing work she combines channelling, vocal toning, frequency therapy, breathing techniques, shamanic energy grid healing and reiki chakra balance